Nativos Project knows that language is about living and our courses are designed to help you not only learn Spanish,  but also get out of the classroom and speak the language with real people. Our highly flexible, one-on-one  practical teaching method gets results and leaves students satisfied. Whether you want just a few lessons to help you get the most out of a volunteering placement, a refresher program to dust off your existing Spanish knowledge or a comprehensive course, we can help.

You will be partnered with two highly trained, native Spanish-speaking teachers: one who specializes in teaching grammar, and another who is an expert in delivering interesting, fun conversation lessons that will reinforce what you have learned. In this way you will be able to immerse yourself in the language & learn rapidly. At the same time you will learn about the history & culture of the Quechua people.

Your conversation lessons take place not in the school but out and about in Cusco: in markets, shops and museums where you can use your new language skills in real-life situations. These lessons will allow you to break down the barrier between theoretical learning and real communication, safe in the knowledge that your teacher is there to guide, explain and assist.

We offer: