We are a not-for-profit organization, founded in November 2013. We help disadvantaged people in Cusco build stable, prosperous futures for themselves. We provide high quality services, including Spanish tuition, facilitating volunteer placements and homestays, while helping local people to help themselves.

Spanish School

Nativos’ first project, and the one that remains at the heart of what we do, is our Spanish School. Motivated by the shocking fact that almost three-quarters of Cusco’s poorest people are single mothers therefore they can’t find a job, Nativos’ founders wanted to target these women and help them to get out of poverty. We do this by offering work through our NGO to determined, talented women who could not otherwise afford the education they need to get a properly paid job so that they can put their new skills to use and earn a living wage for themselves and their families.While our Spanish school is a successful social enterprise, the support that we receive from sponsors and donors worldwide is vital to the ongoing training and support work that the Nativos NGO does, as well as to our future projects. If you are interested in making a donation, or helping out by offering materials, please see our Get Involved page on this website. The money that you pay for our Spanish lessons is distributed to pay our teachers and pay taxes.  Every teacher takes home a guaranteed minimum wage, because they have a contract with us.This improvement and new-found stability in their financial situations enables our teachers to provide better food, clothing, insurance and accommodation for their children, to send them to better schools.

Other Projects

Nativos’ next big project is based on the idea that we should help people to help themselves and their families. As such, we are looking for donations to build a day care center for children (1 to 3 years old) of working single mothers who can do their jobs knowing that their children will be in a safe environment, all of this for free.We will provide the medical and social care, education, support and advice they need to get the best out of life. Our center will also be a base from which we will run nutrition, education and healthcare programs in disadvantaged communities around Cusco. With our support, these parents and their children will be better equipped to look after themselves and seize opportunities for a brighter future.